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Timescale - 2 months

Services - Paid Ads

The Brief

The Social Co. team were assigned to increase revenue following a re-platform to Shopify and expand to EU markets.

The Strategy

After our client moved to Shopify, a key goal was to increase overall sales and expand targeting to
the EU. The first step was to implement the Meta and TikTok conversions API to ensure full reporting on the platforms. Our approach incorporated a comprehensive funnel framework, encompassing awareness, consideration, and conversion objectives.

Beginning with this structured funnel allowed us to effectively guide potential customers through the
stages of engagement, from initial awareness to eventual conversion. To optimise our strategies, we conducted rigorous testing in various European markets. This approach enabled us to discern which markets yielded the most promising results. This data allowed us to fine- tune our advertising strategies, concentrating our efforts on the countries that demonstrated the highest performance metrics. We also launched campaigns on TikTok to appeal to a new market with a focus on authentic, on-trend video content. By staying attuned to emerging trends, we ensured that our content resonated with our target demographic, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of
our advertising endeavours.

The Results




£211,387 (Up 313% YoY)


2065 (Up 345% YoY)


7.67 (Up 143% YoY)

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