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The Social Co. and Lusso Celebrate 1 Year Partnership Milestone: Bright Future and Middle East Expansion Underway

The Social Co., renowned for its innovative digital marketing solutions, is thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone – one year of a successful partnership with Lusso, a leading luxury home and lifestyle brand. This collaboration marks not just a year of achievements but also the dawn of a new chapter with the brand’s expansion into the UAE.

A Year of Strategic Growth and Creative Solutions

From the outset, The Social Co. has been committed to understanding and elevating the Lusso brand. James, Co-Founder of The Social Co., reflects on this journey, “With a brand such as Lusso, we knew the importance of correct client onboarding. Our team has worked tirelessly to understand Lusso’s challenges, audiences, and opportunities, crafting a scalable and measurable strategic growth plan for both the UK and international markets.”

Our suite of services for Lusso encompassed paid advertising, photography, videography, animation, and consultancy. Each element was carefully tailored to resonate with Lusso’s ethos and customer base.

Innovating at Every Step

One of our standout achievements was the complete restructure of Lusso’s campaign funnel. We honed in on customer pain points, creating a campaign that rapidly became our top performer. A crucial part of our strategy involved leveraging User Generated Content to bolster results on Pinterest, significantly enhancing audience trust.

In an innovative move, we utilised Pinterest’s latest features and tools in beta testing to identify trending keywords and phrases, applying these insights to each campaign for maximum impact.

Remarkable Results Speak for Themselves

The outcomes of this partnership have been nothing short of extraordinary:

  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): An impressive 46.3
  • Conversions: Soared by 123.8%, totalling 3,449
  • Outbound Clicks: Skyrocketed by 357.8%, reaching 34,157

These figures not only underscore our effective strategies but also Lusso’s growing influence in the luxury home and lifestyle sector.

Wayne’s Perspective on the Partnership

Wayne, the owner of Lusso, shares his thoughts on this collaboration: “We’ve seen extensive growth since starting to work with The Social Co. James and the team are brilliant and have become and extension of our in house team. They have really helped scale up our paid social media performance to compliment the other marketing channels that we use. The Social Co made a conscious effort to understand the Lusso brand from the outset and created a scalable strategy for our accounts. The team have also helped us to reach an audience in the United Arab Emirates, as we recently launched our new UAE fascia. We’ve seen great results over the last year and we look forward to working further with The Social Co.”, emphasising the mutual growth and success fostered by this partnership.

Looking to the Future

As we celebrate this milestone, our sights are set on the future, particularly our expansion into the UAE. This new venture promises to not only extend Lusso’s reach but also to introduce innovative marketing strategies in new markets.

Join Us on Our Journey

This partnership between The Social Co. and Lusso is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing and a shared vision for growth. We invite you to follow our journey and see where innovation can take your brand. Visit us at for more insights and success stories.

Written by

Phil Sutcliffe, Director