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Wannasee Festivals

Filling Festivals Through the Power of Social

Timescale - 3 months

Services - Paid Social
Platforms - META

The Brief

The Paid Social Team was tasked with enhancing
awareness for five festivals and two events spanning
the United Kingdom, strategically driving footfall to each
event while concurrently fortifying the brand through a
comprehensive Paid Advertising Strategy.

The Strategy

Our strategy revolved around spotlighting each festival through intricately crafted Paid Advertising campaigns. These campaigns were meticulously designed with careful consideration given to the unique characteristics of each festival location and its corresponding demographics. We understood that one size does not fit all in the realm of advertising,
and thus, tailored our approach to resonate deeply with the diverse audiences attending each festival. With the overarching goal of boosting ticket sales and amplifying awareness, we deployed a strategic combination of advertising elements. We recognised the power of visual storytelling, incorporating minimal animation to add a touch of dynamism
without overwhelming the viewer. Furthermore, we leveraged the captivating allure of carousels, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in a multi-dimensional narrative that unfolded with each swipe.

We also utilised video content, offering an immersive and engaging medium to convey the essence of each
festival experience. By seamlessly weaving together these various elements, we crafted campaigns that not only
captured attention but also sparked curiosity and drove action.

The Results









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