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Diamond Whites

Shining Bright: The Social Co.'s Multi-Faceted Approach for Diamond Whites

Timescale: 1 year

Services: Social Media, Paid Social, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Animation, Photography, Videography

The Brief

The team were tasked to undertake all social media marketing for Diamond Whites including page management, content creation and paid advertising across multi-channel platforms including Meta, Snap and Pinterest as well as providing further content to channels such as Google and Youtube.

The Strategy

To flip the traditional way the orthodontics industry is seen on its head and connect with the younger target audience through engaging and fun content that their customers can relate with, turning an Orthodontics product from stale to sexy. Our strategy was to produce User Generated Content with Diamond Whites patients to create trust in the process, the product and the brand, giving the audience a backseat to some of their customers’ journey to achieving a straighter smile.

The Results





Customer Data Collected




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