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Elevating Men's Fashion: The Social Co's Winning Formula for Organic Growth, Ad Efficiency, and Engaged Audiences.

Timescale: 1 year

Services: Paid social & content creation and design

The Brief

The Social Co's marketing strategy aims to grow the email database organically, scale the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) efficiently, and enhance audience engagement. Through targeted lead generation campaigns, we will incentivise sign-ups and optimise email capture forms. Careful data analysis and testing will enable us to identify high-performing ad sets and platforms to maximise ROAS while managing ad spend. Additionally, by diversifying creatives for ad funnels and organic posts, we will strengthen audience connections and boost brand visibility. Regular monitoring and evaluation of metrics will ensure the successful execution of our strategy and drive overall brand growth and profitability.

The Strategy

The strategy involves implementing a social-first content approach in the ad funnel, showcasing diverse content at various funnel stages, and running sign-up campaigns in the 2 weeks preceding the Black Friday sale to generate data for retargeting campaigns.

The Results


Up 110% YoY


Up 140% YoY


Down 36%


Up 77%

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