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Meridian Parks

Showcasing 15 Holiday Parks Over the UK

Timescale - 10 Months

Services - Paid Ads
Platforms - META

The Brief

The Social Co. were tasked to improve leads and awareness of Meridian Parks and the holiday homes they sell.

The Strategy

We executed a multifaceted Leads Campaign, meticulously tailored to target a number of distinct audience segments including prospecting and retargeting. This approach allowed us to cast a wide net while simultaneously honing in on individuals who exhibited a heightened tendency for engagement and conversion. By leveraging the insights from these diverse audience segments, we refined our targeting strategies, ensuring that our messaging
resonated with each cohort’s unique preferences and behaviours.

In addition to leveraging audience targeting, we enlisted the expertise of our Media Team to create captivating content in a range of creative formats. This gave us the opportunity to test a number of formats on the Meta platform including video, static and carousels.

The Results









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