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Hard Rock Cafe

Striking a Chord: How We Amplified Hard Rock Newcastle's Grand Debut

Timescale - 3 Months

Services - Social media management, Paid ads, design, animation & media

The Brief

The launch of Hard Rock Newcastle, the second Hard Rock franchise in the UK, was a momentous occasion that demanded a comprehensive strategy. We focused on building a strong social media presence to create buzz and excitement around the new establishment. Leveraging various platforms, we engaged with our target audience, showcasing the unique Hard Rock experience and drawing them into our vibrant community. Simultaneously, we implemented a robust campaign to drive bookings, using compelling promotions and offers to entice potential customers. Through this integrated approach, we successfully established Hard Rock Newcastle as a must-visit destination, attracting a wide audience and laying the foundation for long-term success in the UK market.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to localise Hard Rock’s international branding by incorporating local landmarks, buildings and slang mixed with classic Hard Rock symbols and items such as Guitar’s and rock products to advertise in the local area at certain demographics.

The Results









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