The Rise of Social E-Commerce

Due to the popularity of social media and the constant technology developments throughout these platforms, basic e-commerce is now being replaced with social commerce. With over 2.4 billion social media users in the world, it was inevitable that social media would find a way to overtake basic e-commerce to sell and advertise products.

With over 90% of online adult users following brands on social media, platforms such as Instagram utilised this and developed their app to help brands sell products straight from the brands page. This means that users can now browse their favourite brands pages, look through campaigns, and purchase straight from the app. With over 50% of people making purchases after discovering brands on social media, this is a massive step for online brands. Social commerce makes shopping the easiest it has ever been!

Social commerce is also on the rise due to social media being an interactive fun place for users. Therefore users can discuss products with the brand or other customers throughout the direct messaging element and through commenting on posts. Customers can also gain more of a relationship with brands through the use of social media as they can view live stories of campaigns and photoshoots, which creates brand transparency. All of these aspects help create a loyal customer base, which is only one reason social commerce is highly important for online retailers.

Aztec Diamond Equestrian have embraced social commerce on their social media pages. Tagging the product with a hyperlink helps direct the customer directly to the website, showing the product name and price. If a customer sees an item they like on the page, the process of purchasing that product is very simple and straight forward. The fashion brand use this aspect of social commerce often throughout their Instagram which helped gain them more followers and increased sales.