The Importance of Stand-Out Content on Social Media

With so many social media accounts, it is important to have creative and unique content to stand out from the crowd! With stand out content, your social media will be interesting and different, which will increase customer response and social following.

To create stand out social content, your content should always be either entertaining, interesting or useful. This means that the viewer will always take something away from viewing your content, and will follow, tell friends or come back to view more. Stand out content also means showcasing your product or brand in a variety of engaging ways. This can be high quality photos, which shows customers that your brand is professional. Engaging videos such as campaign footage, interviews or video adverts. Videos help make content more interesting and people are more likely to watch a video over reading a paragraph of text, therefore videos are a good alternative if wanting to share information throughout social media.

Other ways to create stand out content is customer interaction. Examples of this is asking for the viewers advice on products, competitions and sharing news. This helps viewers get involved in the post by commenting, tagging friends or sharing.

Stand out content is also important as it creates a positive name for your brand. Posting and sharing reliable and interesting content, makes followers trust your brand, creating a loyal  customer base.