In Conversation With Dr. Richard Marques

The “King of Smiles” Dr. Richard grew up in a family of successful dentists and at just 12 years old had his first “calling” to become a dentist after his Uncle and Father restored his teeth following a bicycle accident. From that moment, he decided he was going to help people “smile from the inside out” and become a dentist.

In the second of our “In conversation with…” we got to chat (virtually of course) with celebrity dentist and co-founder of Diamond Whites, Dr. Richard.

From making dentistry “cool” by working with the likes of Rita Ora, Olivia Bowen and many more celebrities, to opening a dental practice on Harley Street, home to some of the best cosmetic surgeons and dentists in the world, Dr. Richard’s truly knows how to create the dream smile AND the dream business.

Read our conversation below and gain an insight into how the power of social media has catapulted his business even further, what his number one tip for starting a business is and how his mission is to create an inspiring, positive presence in the world (oh, and to work with Barack Obama!)

So Dr. Richard, take us back to the beginning, what made you want to become a dentist and at what moment did you discover this was your career calling?

My family have been in the dental business for many years. My grandfather and Uncle were dentists. My father and mother met in dental university in London. My sister Arabella is a Hygienist and works in my clinic sometimes. At 12 years old I had a bicycle accident and my Father and Uncle restored my smile. The experience of having my smile restored after the accident really started my interest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry as I decided I was going to help other people to restore or improve their smiles.

A lot of your clients are famous and some, even superstars, do you feel the pressure of looking after smiles that will be seen by the whole world?

Early in my career I did feel a lot of pressure looking after famous smiles. However, I realised that it is important to treat every patient as a VIP and help them smile from the inside out.

Last year you launched your new Invisible Aligner treatment with Diamond Whites, how did this partnership come about and how is it going?

I had known Ben for many years and was introduced to the Social Co. after that. Together we all partnered to produce this amazing at home aligner system: Diamond Whites Aligners to offer a VIP celeb treatment at home. It is going amazingly with many happy customers with new improved smiles. However, this is only the beginning! There are many more huge things in store for Diamond Whites so keep an eye out for exciting news.

How has the power of social media developed your business even further?

Social media is such an important tool in this day and age. Especially as improving smiles is a visual industry and we can really see the results from before and afters. Additionally having celebs and influencers get behind the brand has meant a lot to us. Perhaps even more important are our amazing customer reviews. Customer service is so important to us and this just proves to the team we are doing a wonderful job and will be doing even more in the future.

If you could work with one celebrity who would it be and why?

For me Barack Obama is a real hero. Such an inspirational figure, great father and wonderful husband. He really made history as president and each speech was so up lifting. Obama was also the first person to make the president cool and was like a celebrity and president rolled into one. He is so inspiring to young people showing that you can do anything you set your mind to! Now his focus on the future of environment really highlights how this is one of the most important issues on our time. So if I could pick one celebrity to meet and treat it would be Barack Obama!

Who do you take your main inspiration from?

My father is my idol and hero. He worked so hard to inspire us and teach a hard work ethic and putting the patient first.

What’s your number one tip for starting up your own business?

Concentrate on your customers. If you make them number one the success (and money) will follow. Also build a great team with amazing staff as they are the business. So look after them well. Everyone in the business should feel enthused and be on a shared vision and journey towards a successful future!

And finally to end, tell us your favourite motto/quote to live by?

What people will remember is how you treated and touched others in the world. Try and be an inspiring positive presence in the world. If you can touch just one or two people in a positive way you will make the world a better (and smilier) place!